The aftermath has become bigger than the ad itself.  Give the ad agencies credit.  Whether it is an attempt to demonstrate ROI, milk their big idea for everything it is worth, or stretch their clients’ dollars, the aftermath video is the new ad campaign.

Bud Light: Are You Up for Whatever Happens Next?

If you’re going to spend $8 million for a 60-second Super Bowl spot and another million to produce a noteworthy ad, make it worth your while.  But Bud Light has taken it too far.  Sure, the ad was quite a production, but to run it for another 2+ months (and counting), and have the audacity to proclaim it the best video ever is going too far.

No, I don’t buy Bud Light.  Yes, I’m in their target demographic.  Therefore I can say I’ve had enough of Ian and his V-neck t-shirt.  The point is, the aftermath video has gotten more air time than the ad.

Honey Maid: Wholesome

I love this one.  Their ad agency may have cracked the formula for viral video…and the formula is shockingly simple:

  1. Find a hot issue, like gay and interracial marriage…which I support
  2. Make an ad that takes a stance on said issue
  3. Wait for the haters to hate on Twitter
  4. Make a video about the haters, the supporters, and how the brand took the high road and made the world a better place
  5. Hire a PR firm to get it covered

There you have it.  The aftermath video is more powerful than the ad itself.