Search: The Overlooked Medium in Advocacy Campaigns

Search is well-established in ecommerce as a must-have medium. Without solid search performance, companies lose. But in the DC-centric issue advocacy world, advocacy organizations are missing out. I’ve written about many of the reasons why advocacy organizations should care about search on my company blog: Search: The Most Underrated Medium in Advocacy. Others, like the good […]

The Aftermath is the New Ad Campaign

The aftermath has become bigger than the ad itself.  Give the ad agencies credit.  Whether it is an attempt to demonstrate ROI, milk their big idea for everything it is worth, or stretch their clients’ dollars, the aftermath video is the new ad campaign. Bud Light: Are You Up for Whatever Happens Next? If you’re […]

How Media Has Changed Survey Responses

I have a hunch. We were told in marketing research courses in college that humans tend to avoid extremes. If you offer a scale of 1-7, you’ll get a lot of 2s and 6s. My hunch is that media in general, and social media in particular, have changed how people answer surveys. With the polarization […]

Link. Footnote’s Annoying Cousin.

I find myself reading blog posts and wondering why so many authors try so hard to get me to leave. They load up their posts with links — usually on obscure anchor text — in a vain attempt to show me how well-read or popular they are. (too harsh?) Imagine if footnotes had to be […]

How to Choose a Brand Name

When you start a new company or non-profit, it’s human nature to spend hours brainstorming and obsessing over the perfect name.  I get it.  I’ve been there.  Perhaps my most rewarding branding assignment was creating Every Mother Counts, the non-profit maternal health organization founded by Christy Turlington Burns.  We had two months to turn her […]

Brand History: Don’t Mistake it for Brand DNA

Humans forgive and forget. While we never get a second chance to make a first impression, we do for almost everything else. Whether you’re a CMO or product designer for a fledgling brand, don’t mistake your brand’s history as design DNA that is worth keeping. Automotive brands provide great examples of spectacular successes and failures. […]