What I Learned Launching My WordPress Site

Disclaimer: I am not a developer. PHP is Chinese to me. Wading through template files is like wandering through the souks of Marrakech – there is a lot going on that I don’t understand. But sometimes we have to face our fears to get what we want. What I wanted was a new, responsive WordPress […]

Why Must The Competition End?

The inability of humans to make good decisions is well chronicled in Decisive, by Chip and Dan Heath. Consider that 83% of mergers and acquisitions create no value for their stakeholders. 60% of executives say that bad decisions are as frequent as good ones. And when doctors are “completely certain” about a diagnosis, they’re wrong […]

Why I’m Not Giving Up on Groupon

The big news this week was the rise and fall of Groupon. Having been on the Groupon and Living Social mailing lists for a while, I get it. The deals are mostly irrelevant. The thrill of the email has been replaced with the annoyance of spam. Both companies seem to be bloated with people and […]

Find Your Inflection Point

We all have things we want to change or do better. If you think you’re as smart, efficient, intelligent, well-informed or creative as you can be…you’re not. But as the Heath Brothers wrote in Switch, change is hard. It usually takes a big event — an inflection point — for people to change. It might […]