Notes from @AssocBisnow Event on Generating Non-Dues Revenue at Associations and Non-Profits

These people need help! Before you recoil in defense, I say this because the opportunities are everywhere, not because of some other deficiency. I’m writing about the AMADC / Bisnow networking event on Generating Non-Dues Revenue for associations and non-profits on February 17, 2010 at BLT Steak.  Good panelists and a lively audience. I was […]

Best Outlook Plugin Ever

Did I get your attention? I had to. This may be my first truly original idea. Something that doesn’t exist and no one has thought of. But first, a word about HTML emails… if you’re not using color and bold fonts, or inserting images, screen caps and links, you’re doing a disservice to your reader. […]

My 10 Fearless 2010 Predictions

Everyone likes to predict the future, right?  So here are my fearless predictions for 2010: Brands using social media will listen more and talk less. My blood pressure will rise 10%. As more brands/marketers attempt to “engage us” (engage=overused), people will become more discriminating, placing greater pressure on brands/marketers to be genuine and provide real […]

4 Rules for Winning Presentations

I learned some valuable lessons this week. They’re so valuable that I’m keeping them a secret from everyone but my 2 readers, and the purveyor of the 4 rules. I know I haven’t written in a while, and frankly, that probably won’t change. (My ideas are better suited for Twitter, Brightkite and Facebook.) But sometimes […]