Search: The Overlooked Medium in Advocacy Campaigns

Search is well-established in ecommerce as a must-have medium. Without solid search performance, companies lose. But in the DC-centric issue advocacy world, advocacy organizations are missing out. I’ve written about many of the reasons why advocacy organizations should care about search on my company blog: Search: The Most Underrated Medium in Advocacy. Others, like the good […]

The Aftermath is the New Ad Campaign

The aftermath has become bigger than the ad itself.  Give the ad agencies credit.  Whether it is an attempt to demonstrate ROI, milk their big idea for everything it is worth, or stretch their clients’ dollars, the aftermath video is the new ad campaign. Bud Light: Are You Up for Whatever Happens Next? If you’re […]

Link. Footnote’s Annoying Cousin.

I find myself reading blog posts and wondering why so many authors try so hard to get me to leave. They load up their posts with links — usually on obscure anchor text — in a vain attempt to show me how well-read or popular they are. (too harsh?) Imagine if footnotes had to be […]

Brand History: Don’t Mistake it for Brand DNA

Humans forgive and forget. While we never get a second chance to make a first impression, we do for almost everything else. Whether you’re a CMO or product designer for a fledgling brand, don’t mistake your brand’s history as design DNA that is worth keeping. Automotive brands provide great examples of spectacular successes and failures. […]

Why Must The Competition End?

The inability of humans to make good decisions is well chronicled in Decisive, by Chip and Dan Heath. Consider that 83% of mergers and acquisitions create no value for their stakeholders. 60% of executives say that bad decisions are as frequent as good ones. And when doctors are “completely certain” about a diagnosis, they’re wrong […]

Why I’m Not Giving Up on Groupon

The big news this week was the rise and fall of Groupon. Having been on the Groupon and Living Social mailing lists for a while, I get it. The deals are mostly irrelevant. The thrill of the email has been replaced with the annoyance of spam. Both companies seem to be bloated with people and […]

Find Your Inflection Point

We all have things we want to change or do better. If you think you’re as smart, efficient, intelligent, well-informed or creative as you can be…you’re not. But as the Heath Brothers wrote in Switch, change is hard. It usually takes a big event — an inflection point — for people to change. It might […]

Gray Area, Skechers and Deceptive Advertising

I sympathize with Skechers. As a customer and fan of their almost-too-casual-but-acceptable-on-Friday shoes, I can confirm that this alleged promise of gluteus fine-tuning is a stretch. But have you actually seen the ad? It simply says: Make your bottom half your better half Sounds like a standard, innocuous headline to me. Not one that warrants […]