How Media Has Changed Survey Responses

I have a hunch. We were told in marketing research courses in college that humans tend to avoid extremes. If you offer a scale of 1-7, you’ll get a lot of 2s and 6s. My hunch is that media in general, and social media in particular, have changed how people answer surveys. With the polarization […]

Followership is a Great Indicator of Influence

Read this first. It’s an article on AdAge arguing that: “popularity on Twitter or Facebook is just that; it’s the ability to drive behavior that matters.” Matthew Creamer argues that followership does not equate to influence. I agree that it isn’t perfect, but it ain’t bad either. Let’s look at the history of influence. Avoiding […]

Personality vs. Professionalism

Somewhere on the continuum between professional and unprofessional is personality. At the far end of unprofessional you have lawsuits and jail time. At the far end of professional you have robotic boringness and unaddressed problems wearing a tie and white collar. In the middle you have real people sliding along within their comfort range depending […]

Notes from @AssocBisnow Event on Generating Non-Dues Revenue at Associations and Non-Profits

These people need help! Before you recoil in defense, I say this because the opportunities are everywhere, not because of some other deficiency. I’m writing about the AMADC / Bisnow networking event on Generating Non-Dues Revenue for associations and non-profits on February 17, 2010 at BLT Steak.  Good panelists and a lively audience. I was […]

My 10 Fearless 2010 Predictions

Everyone likes to predict the future, right?  So here are my fearless predictions for 2010: Brands using social media will listen more and talk less. My blood pressure will rise 10%. As more brands/marketers attempt to “engage us” (engage=overused), people will become more discriminating, placing greater pressure on brands/marketers to be genuine and provide real […]