Search: The Overlooked Medium in Advocacy Campaigns

Search is well-established in ecommerce as a must-have medium. Without solid search performance, companies lose. But in the DC-centric issue advocacy world, advocacy organizations are missing out.

I’ve written about many of the reasons why advocacy organizations should care about search on my company blog: Search: The Most Underrated Medium in Advocacy. Others, like the good people at CQ have picked up on it: The Case for SEO in Advocacy. Here’s a summary:

  • Search reaches the unbiased middle – the people you need to sway
  • Search is trusted and top-heavy, so you need to perform well
  • Journalists use search in their jobs, so there is PR value to be had…not to mention link building
  • Search performance builds over time, driving down your costs to drive traffic, acquire advocates, and generate actions. With paid media, you get what you buy — not that paid media is bad, it isn’t — and costs usually rise.
  • Search delivers eyeballs. They can be yours or a competitor’s

There are groups doing it well and taking advantage. Just try googling “gun control”, “tpp”, “fracking”, and others to see what you find.

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